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"In today's performance horse, we are asking a tremedenoud amount from them on a daily basis. Soreness and inury are going to happen. The rehab is the KEY to getting your horse back to competition level.

The team here at PCEA have the experience, dedication and equipment to make this happen. His attention to detail, compassion and overall care for the return to perforamnce is second to none. My clients are shocked at the level of care and follow-up that is provided; as it seems so many just go through the motions.

It's hard to leave your horse for anyone else to care for, but be assured they are in the best hands and will receive the most advanced, personal detail available.

D. Reese Hand, DVM
Diplotmate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons



"The dedication and knowledge provided by the staff members here at Parker County EQuine Aquatred is a critical step in the successful rehabilitation of our sport horses. An accurate diagnosis, appropriate medical/surgical therapy, and proper rehabilitation and fitness conditioning are all integral parts of our treamment regimen. Garner Equine's assocation with PCEA has been a valuable asset, helping us to provide faster, more complete recoveries from a variety of orthopedic injuries."

Sonny Seale, DVM
Garner Equine - Weatherford, Texas


"The top notch team here at Parker County Equine Aquatred have been an integral part in the rehab of many of our patients. These include an assortment of injuries in equine athletics. In many cases, I consider Aquatred Therapy a must in horse rehabilitation."

Chris Ray, DVM, MS, DACVS
Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery - Weatherford, Texas



















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